Triathlon Buddies Anniversary 2020 Results

Now remember that this event is non competitive, there is no rank and position, every participant is responsible for completing the course including counting their own loop count and your time is recorded for your own reference so you can improve your self for the next race. Dont bother to compare your results with others and dont get bothered with other people results and let this detract from what you have achieved. Your timing is yours to own and you should be proud of it ! Just as we proud about what you have achived here.

So after the training, the morning pre-event routine, the start rush, the self question on why you are doing this to yourself and finally that jubilation on the finish line, here is your results – congrats everyone, job well done ! Look into ra slot.

See you in the next race !


  • As much as we tried our best to ensure 100% accuracy by the time of publishment we acknowledge that system and person can contribute to error.
  • Timing for DNF-ed participant (timing chip collected by marshall) before finish is not shown.

For best viewing in smartphone – recomended to use landscape mode.

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