Kids Triathlon 2019 Results

For Athlete

Congratulations, you have done the training, you have brave the morning for busy start , cold water and finally you have completed your tri, you earned the medal, dont let anybody tell you otherwise. You are a triathlete !!!

For Parents

Now remember that this is a non competitive event, there is no rank nor position. Every athlete is responsible to count their own loop and time is recorded for athlete reference so that they can improve in the their future adventure. Don’t bother to compare your kid results with other and don’t let other people results detracts your kid’s achievement.

Your kid timing is theirs to own and we hope that you are proud with what they achieved (and yours as their parents !!!) as much as we do.

Congrats everyone, job well done and see you in the next events.

As much as we tried our best to ensure 100% accuracy by the time of publishment we acknowledge that system and person can contribute to error. If your record is significantly differs from ours, please contact Mas Yoi at 08568003993.